6th Grade

Building Bridges from Me to We!

Scholars start their careers at McAuliffe by embarking on an exploration of who they are and what it means to become a part of the McAuliffe community. The theme of “Building Bridges” provides an academic framework for scholars to learn about both social connections and the importance of relationships as well as the physics and design principles behind the construction of physical bridges. Read more...

Me, My Stuff, and Why?

In this expedition, scholars combine learning about consumerism, globalization, basic economics, and standard of living to take a closer look at where our stuff- specifically ours shoes- come from.  Scholars conducts authentic research about different shoe companies, with a goal to inform consumers about their policies and practices. We think that it would be a great thing if consumers knew more information about the “real cost” of their shoes. Read more...

7th Grade

Are We Prepared? Natural Disasters in New England

This learning expedition tackles a high-interest topic—natural disasters—with a literacy focus on interpreting nonfiction texts, research, opinion writing, and public speaking. In science, scholars explore geographical history and the geology of extreme natural events. In preparation for the culminating event, scholars work in research teams to investigate natural disasters in Massachusetts and other states. Scholars read primary source documents to learn about how governmental organizations like the Massachusetts Emergency Response Agency (MEMA) and the Red Cross respond to disasters.

8th Grade

To Space and Back

Scholars in this expedition explore the universe, galaxy, and earth/moon systems while observing our skies and learning about space inventions and technologies that make our lives better on earth. Scholars learn about the formation of galaxies, the importance of gravity, the seasons, and eclipses. They interview a variety of space experts including a retired astronaut, NASA geologists, and rocket scientists. Through this expedition scholars honor Christa McAuliffe’s contributions as an educator and as the first teacher-astronaut. Read more...


Final Products

Grade 6 Expeditions

Title: Building Bridges From Me To We
Product: Humans of McAuliffe Website
Title: Me, My Stuff, and Why?
Product:If the Shoe Fits Website

Grade 8 Expeditions

Title: To Space and Back
Product: Spinoffs Magazine:
Space Technology in Your Daily Life
Anderson AB
Anderson EF
McKellar BF